About Us

Backpacks of Mercy is a Colorado Non-profit 501 C 3 organization founded by David and Katherina Carson in 2015.

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David and Katherina Carson work with Open Doors Ministry and JFC Lakewood to feed the homeless in Urban Denver. A  group of 15 volunteers have now been faithfully serving the homeless downtown with Open Doors Ministry for several years. As the rents and cost of living sky rocket in Denver we are all feeling the pinch, sadly there are more and more people out there who are no longer able to make it work and find themselves on the streets.

As you all know the winter season quickly arrives and the bitter cold is more than most of those lost people can bare.It is not easy being down in the ugly trenches of this reality and not hurt for these people.We have been brainstorming and God has been speaking to us loud and clear about the next step…

We call it Backpacks of Mercy.

Just like you, we have seen people in need. Not all of the people are as needy as others but there are those souls you may see that tug at your heart….you want to help but are reluctant to give money in case they have addiction issues. You wish you could help but don’t know what else you could give.

BPOM good standing with CO DOCWe have something that will help you answer that call and make you feel like you did something within your power to help them through the Winter.

Backpacks of Mercy was started in effort to help the homeless keep warm with essentials needed in the cold weather. These wonderful backpacks full of warmth and comfort are given to the homeless by Backpacks of Mercy through non-profit shelters like Denver Rescue Mission, Mental Health Facilities, Open Doors Ministry, Homeless Veterans Offices and by our volunteers hand to hand in Urban Denver.

We prepare these backpacks all year long in preparation for the winter weather months. Our goal is to prepare 500+ backpacks every cold season.It is our dream to expand this ministry to other counties as it grows to help as many people as possible

We also prepare and deliver Backpacks of Love to Battered Women’s Shelters through Family Tree.
Thousands of children come through Denver facilities with their battered mothers every year.
This can be an extremely scary time for them. They are usually allowed to stay for 30 days.
Most children and their mothers have fled from their abusive situations rather quickly, so as you can imagine, most of them come with nothing.

It is amazing how much comfort and calm a plush bear and blanket can bring to a child who is upset, nervous, crying, or afraid. Your generous donations help these children to feel safe, comforted, and loved in a time of great upheaval in their lives. We invite you to partner with us in providing children with these much-needed backpacks.

We accept monetary donations as well as item donations from the Items list, if preferred.
We want to be very clear….this is our attempt to be obedient to the calling we have received,
we walk this earth together. This resource is a quick and easy way to do what you can to help.

Thank you Denver!
-David & Katherina Carson