Oxford Dictionary defines homelessness

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January 6, 2016
Heart for the Homeless-Part 1
January 13, 2016

Oxford Dictionary defines homelessness


How does a person or worse yet, a family, find themselves in one of the worst situations one could think of…being homeless?

The Oxford Dictionary defines homelessness as ‘a person being without a home, living on the streets’ and when we think of this, we often times find ourselves imagining one person, generally a man in his later years shifting his meager means from place to place and begging for scraps and pennies. What our minds fail to recognize is that homelessness in our day and age actually applies to all genders and ages of people. It applies to single persons and whole families. Homelessness is not just the man we see sleeping in the doorway of our frequented concert hall, it’s the married couple with 2 kids that is living with their mother or father in law, or sister of brother, in their basement. They are all sharing their bed. It’s the veteran who tried to get help for PTSD after being discharged from the military but became a victim of the system and got tired of fighting just to have someone on his side. It’s the high school graduates who were told they weren’t good enough for college and needed to just get a job and failed to recognize their potential in life, so they work for minimum wage at 8.23$ an hour in a city were cost of living for 1 person averages out to living a disposable income of about 3000$. Trust me, I’ve done the math and it doesn’t add up, especially when many jobs are in the city and average rent for Denver for a studio apartment is 1100$/mo.

These friends are the people that are finding themselves homeless. People that have helped America to be able to retain their freedom; people that have had traumatic events happen that they mentally and emotionally couldn’t seem to bounce back from. People that if we let down our guard and faced our fear, are actually just reflections of what could happen to us that are more fortunate. Lets find a way to help our fellow man, woman and child and create a community where people feel safe and where their basic needs are taken care of.
Let’s end homelessness!
-Jillian Garner