Backpacks of Mercy


Backpacks of Mercy exists to honor displaced and transitional military veterans in the Denver Metro area by providing meals and life essentials.


Our vision is to expand and broaden our services to as many veterans as need them.

About Us

Backpacks of Mercy is a Colorado non-profit organization founded in 2015 by David and Katherina Carson to honor Veterans in downtown Denver who are struggling to find reliable housing and other life essentials.  Dave and Katherina’s heart for Veterans is personally driven by first-hand experience with two family members, a brother who was injured by an IED in Desert Storm, and father who served in Vietnam resulting in severe PTSD.  They understand the personal and family devastation that often follows a life dedicated to serving our country.  The initial 80 backpacks distributed in 2015 has increased to over 500 backpacks stuffed with winter essentials and delivered to Veterans in Colorado.


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